Anonimus Art is a company dedicated to the management, evaluation and cataloging of collections, as well as the Audit, Valuation and Examination of artworks, advice on acquisitions and disposals, management of art insurance, comprehensive management, Design and Implementation artistic and cultural events and heritage studies, guaranteeing objective, optimizing the time and financial resources, without losing sight of our sensitivity and humanism.

Anonimus Art is composed of prestigious professionals in the fields of art, architecture, engineering and consulting. The multidisciplinary expertise and market knowledge, ensures a unique and personalized service that meets the needs and concerns of our customers.

Therefore, as a complement to our business, Anonimus Art has a new feature “on line” to facilitate direct customer contact with works of art, as well as e-commerce service in the network, whose products they are works of art from artists who want to expand their market and individual wishing to sell discreetly and “anonimus” connecting these artists and private art galleries, private collectors, foundations and interested in buying a artwork.


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